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The Link Between Perfectionism and Eating Disorders

The Link Between Perfectionism and Eating Disorders Perfectionism often plays a main role in the development of an eating disorder. The two feed off one another in a continuous perpetuation of all-or-nothing thinking, extreme fear of failure, and a constant drive for absolute success and accomplishment. It is important to note the difference between striving for excellence and perfectionism – it is okay to have goals and be determined to reach them; when these goals are unrealistic and simply unachievable through typical means, perfectionism swoops in and takes hold of this vulnerability. When people are in eating disorder recovery,

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Navigating Eating Disorder Recovery As You Transition Into Summer

Navigating Eating Disorder Recovery As You Transition Into Summer Summer break is a wonderful opportunity to reset and unwind after a long and demanding school year. However, for those struggling with an eating disorder, summer break can be a source of anxiety due to a change in routine and lack of structure. Here are a few tips on how to stay grounded and recovery-oriented during summer break. Plan Ahead To Keep Yourself Accountable  A key component to lowering anxiety levels during a time of uncertainty is taking the time to plan ahead. What do you foresee will be the

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Reintroducing Movement in Eating Disorder Recovery

Reintroducing Movement in Eating Disorder Recovery As you work to rebuild your relationship with food and your body, it may also be important to also explore your relationship with movement. During parts of the recovery process, especially at the beginning of eating disorder recovery, movement may need to be removed or significantly reduced because, more often than not, the relationship with exercise and movement is one of compensation, punishment, and starvation. Furthermore, if you are not adequately fueling or hydrating yourself and/or are engaging in compensatory behaviors, it may not be nutritionally or medically safe to engage in exercise

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Shopping for Spring: How to Stay Positive

Shopping for Spring: How to Stay Positive Warm weather is finally upon us. The sun is out, the sky is usually blue, and it is getting warmer. It is time to put the sweaters and heavy jackets away and unpack a new set of clothes. This transition can feel overwhelming, especially for someone with an eating disorder. By choosing clothing that makes you comfortable, you will be ready to step into spring with a smile. Spring can often make you feel like a good person. The winter is over, and if you live anywhere with distinctive seasons, you know

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Building an Identity Beyond Your Eating Disorder

Building an Identity Beyond Your Eating Disorder In recovery, building an identity beyond your eating disorder can provoke feelings of anxiety, resistance, and confusion. You might ask yourself, “Where and how do I start?” or “Who am I if not this person?“. These questions are natural, but with support, commitment, and trust, expanding your identity can be one of the greatest gifts of your recovery. Understanding and Self Compassion Understanding what makes expanding your identity difficult can foster an attitude of grace throughout this journey. In her book “How To Do The Work,” Dr. Nicole LePera explains that our

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BALANCE eating disorder treatment center Achieves Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission

BALANCE eating disorder Treatment Center™ Celebrates Joint Commission Accreditation BALANCE eating disorder treatment center™ is now Joint Commission Accredited as a Center of Excellence! The Joint Commission’s accreditation is the gold standard in healthcare. The organization’s mission is to improve healthcare quality by evaluating and accrediting healthcare providers based on their ability to provide safe and effective care to their patients. Since 2009, BALANCE eating disorder treatment center™ has been committed to further improving both the field of eating disorder treatment and client accessibility. The significant milestone of our Joint Commission accreditation, coupled with our OMH licensure, furthers our mission

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Being A Parent Of A Child With An Eating Disorder

Being a Parent Of A Child With An Eating Disorder Being a parent is a hard job, and parenting a child with an eating disorder can often feel more challenging. You may have feelings of guilt, shame, or confusion. You may be overwhelmed with the treatment options and support necessary for your child to work toward recovery. You may wonder how you can help your child and will likely need to receive support for yourself. What To Do If You’re Concerned If you are concerned that your child has an eating disorder, early intervention is a critical component in

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Body Image During Prom Season

‘Prom season’ is a thrilling period for high school students. It is when couples find dates, venues get booked, after-prom celebrations get planned, and, most significantly, the quest for the ‘perfect’ dress commences. While scouring department stores for that one dress can be exhilarating, it is crucial to recognize that societal expectations can cast a shadow of pressure and anxiety over this exciting time. Prom happens in May and June during junior and senior high school years. It culminates in one night of dancing, endless photos, and celebrating with one’s friends and partners. However, because of the culture surrounding

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Tips for Navigating Stress In Eating Disorder Recovery

The World Health Organization defines stress as “a state of worry or mental tension caused by a difficult situation.” Stress is a normal part of everyday life and can be caused by various things. Everyone experiences some amount of stress, but what makes the difference is how we respond to it. Responding to stress in ways that impact our food choices and movement habits can cause disordered eating patterns and, eventually, eating disorders. April is National Stress Awareness Month. Its focus is to bring awareness to how stress can negatively impact our lives. Regardless of age, stress may lead to

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The Relationship Between Dating Apps and Body Image

Dating apps have transformed the way people meet and connect, but with their rise comes a host of challenges, particularly concerning body image and self-esteem. Spending significant time assessing one’s appearance and comparing it to others on these platforms can lead to heightened body dissatisfaction and disordered eating behaviors. The History Of Dating Apps Dating apps are a relatively new way of meeting people in our society. 1995 was the year of the world’s first-ever online dating website, The early 2000s were the years of the first social media platforms, Facebook and MySpace, with the decade ending with

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