Reclaim your Direction at BALANCE

Eating disorders leave both you and your loved ones feeling alone and isolated. But you are not alone.

Eating Disorders leave both you and your loved ones feeling alone and isolated. But you are not alone.


Freedom from an eating disorder means unwinding its roots within your life.

Too often, overwhelm, ambivalence, and lack of specialized support stands in the way of recovery. But no matter how many attempts at recovery you have made, complete recovery is absolutely possible with the right care.

As eating disorder specialists, we are experts at navigating treatment and helping you do the same.

“BALANCE has quite literally changed my life and has given me such a unique and supportive community.”

former Balance client

Establish the foundation
for lasting change

Discover a new source of strength and stability at BALANCE’s Day Treatment Program (PHP).

Making a commitment to health doesn’t mean sacrificing your quality of life, it means reclaiming it. BALANCE’s PHP program supports clients in building the foundation for continued and long-lasting recovery after treatment.

We establish a customized approach to treating your eating disorder behaviors with insight and personalized guidance from specialized therapists, registered dietitians, and psychiatrists.

Recovery Reimagined:
Our Approach

Gain a fresh perspective on life with a holistic and diverse treatment schedule supervised by licensed master’s level clinicians.

While in the program, your recovery team will customize your treatment plan to meet your individual needs and support you in overcoming triggers.

This immersive program supports you in purposely shifting from painful, limiting thoughts and behaviors toward a life free of an eating disorder.

Uncover lasting, meaningful change as you reconnect to your life free from food and body distress.

Experience Individualized
& Customized Care

Our high clinician-to-client ratio and small group sizes offer the best possible treatment experience for building your unique road to recovery. Research shows that these two components are the most powerful combination to the best treatment outcomes.

Under the direct guidance of our master’s level therapists and dietitians, treatment at BALANCE is a dynamic process tailored to your unique needs. The skills you will take with you after treatment include reduced behaviors and thoughts, greater insight into the disorder and triggers, and new coping skills.

At the end of your treatment, leave with a strong foundation for lasting change.

When is it Time to Consider PHP Day Treatment?

Whether stepping down from a higher level of care, such as residential, or for those in need of extra support, PHP can be a life-changing opportunity to start or maintain recovery from an eating disorder.

You can start the process today by booking an intake. Our Master’s-level Admissions Therapists will walk you through the intake process and schedule follow-ups, and recommend the best next steps for you.

Enhance your Treatment

Many BALANCE clients choose to take advantage of our efficacious outpatient treatment options. Each of our BALANCE programs can be utilized as a stand-alone treatment or as part of a holistic and integrative treatment plan.

To best support lasting recovery, we recommend that clients step down through our levels of care in sequential steps. At BALANCE, clients can move from our PHP into our IOP program and then, as behaviors become less and less frequent, to the Saturday program.

After completing these more intensive programmatic steps, our clients can continue with individual services, providing a seamless continuum of care.

Research tells us the best outcomes are achieved by moving through our sequential Continuum of Care.

Treatment Goals


into thought patterns and gain skills to reduce eating disorder thoughts and behaviors.


a more peaceful relationship with food and your body


coping and interpersonal techniques to set you up for a life free from symptoms


create a purposeful
and nourishing life

Life Changing

Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) offers a dynamic schedule incorporating:

PHP Client Symptom Improvement

Day Treatment Symptom Decrease after Initial 4-Week Treatment and Symptom Decrease after Initial 12-Week Treatment

Whether stepping down from a higher level of care such as residential, or for those in need of extra support in addition to your current treatment team, PHP can be a life-changing opportunity to start or maintain recovery from an eating disorder.

Our Continuum of Care


The Foundation Of Recovery Starts With Your Confidential Intake.

Our intake process provides expert guidance for determining the best treatment path for you. We strive to take the confusion and overwhelm out of the process.