Collaborative Care. Making a Difference with BALANCE eating disorder treatment center™

A Supportive Partnership

At BALANCE eating disorder treatment center™, we know that lasting recovery is a collaborative, dynamic process between the client and their support system.

We recognize the lack of support you may experience regarding eating disorders and food and body distress with your clients. Whether you are working in HR, at a school, or as a provider, professionals often receive very little guidance and training regarding eating disorders.

The team at BALANCE has set a high bar regarding eating disorder recovery and eating disorder awareness. We strive to provide unparalleled care through our programs, education, and outreach.

Our goal is to work with you to move clients toward healing and nourishment. At BALANCE, we prioritize building strong relationships based on trust so that you and your clients can access the benefit of a treatment center. We understand that your clients may need a higher level of care, and will work with you to align with the eating disorder recovery goals that you both have.

We are committed to maintaining regular communication with our clients’ outpatient team throughout their time with us to best support them before, during, and after treatment.

With collaborative care, we can support our clients in achieving lasting recovery. Together we can make a difference.

Our Approach

We believe in treating the whole person and meeting individual needs by providing a continuum of comprehensive care.

We use an intuitive eating approach, believing that all foods fit. Our staff utilizes the Health At Every Size (HAES) ® treatment model, as we believe that weight is not a direct measure of health. We incorporate treatment modalities such as relational psychotherapy, behavioral therapies (CBT, DBT, ACT), expressive therapies (art, drama & movement), experiential therapy, food exposure therapy, and family therapy groups, as well as meal supports, outpatient groups, individual treatment, and yoga and mindfulness.

Who We Treat

BALANCE is dedicated to providing personalized care at the outpatient level to adolescents and adults across all genders and sexual orientations. We treat the full spectrum of eating disorders, disordered eating, and body image issues, including:



Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID)

Binge Eating

Other Specified Food and Eating Disorders (OSFED)

Bulimia Nervosa


Other Disordered Eating behaviors and body image issues

When to Refer a Client

To help guide your decision on when to refer to BALANCE, consider the following:

Refer to BALANCE if

  1. You suspect food, body image, weight, or eating issues.
  2. These behaviors are not decreasing in your client’s current treatment plan.
  3. You have concerns about patient follow-through in regard to maintaining weight, meal completion, behavior use, and/or harm reduction.
  4. You notice your client’s relationship to food or body is further destabilizing, notice rapid changes in weight, or suspect greater behavior use or distress than disclosed.
  5. Your client has engaged in a program and now needs a lower level of care, such as PHP, PHP to IOP, or IOP to group support.

Your client is more likely to stabilize and recover the sooner you reach out.


We understand that seeking appropriate care for recovery from eating disorders is complex. The BALANCE team is committed to supporting you and your clients through this journey.

We work hand-in-hand with you throughout the entire process, eliminating confusion and ensuring a personalized, evidence-based approach that prioritizes your client’s needs.

The BALANCE team’s clinical expertise allows us to thoughtfully assess your client’s needs and determine the most suitable level of care, guiding them toward the most fitting treatment options. At BALANCE, recovery comes first. As such, we are dedicated to recommending the best course of action, whether that involves our services or alternative paths to recovery.

Call us at 212-645-6903 or use our online referral form below. We are here to help.

Client Referral Form

Referring a client is the start of a meaningful collaboration that is vital to the recovery process.

If you believe your client has an eating disorder or want to learn more about referring a client to BALANCE, reach out to our team today at 212-645-6903 or through our online form.


Collaborating with us means

BALANCE eating disorder treatment center offers a full continuum of outpatient treatment options for those struggling with food and body image distress.

  • A serene, retreat-like setting.
  • Unparalleled privacy.
  • Close communication between our staff and referring treatment professionals.
  • Continual family involvement, including family programming.
  • A seamless continuum of care.
  • Clients return to their outpatient providers when stepping out of BALANCE’s care.
  • Small therapist caseloads.
  • Trauma-focused treatment modalities.
  • Guidance and support in navigating education and work while in treatment.
  • Board-certified psychiatrists.
  • Licensed master’s clinicians, including therapists and dietitians.

Evidence-Based Support

BALANCE is the premier resource for professionals looking to connect our clients with an evidence-based, holistic approach to eating disorder recovery. Our ground-breaking care is backed by cutting-edge research and industry-wide best practices.

Over 12 weeks in treatment, BALANCE eating disorder treatment center™ clients experience a symptom reduction of more than half; 10% percentage points higher than other leading treatment centers.


Recovery is defined as the reduction of binging, purging, restriction, and excessive exercise.

Our team will collaborate closely with YOU while your client is in treatment with us!
According to our data, the closer to 12 weeks your client is in treatment with us, the more robust their recovery.

Our Dimensions of Care

Expand Your Knowledge with BALANCE

Full recovery is a testament to understanding, support, and collaboration.

Education is a bedrock of our movement to prevent, treat, and promote eating disorder recovery. From blogs to handbooks and webinars to events, we offer relevant topics and perspectives on the entire spectrum of eating disorders, body image, and recovery. Learn from individuals with first-hand experience and other professionals in the global eating disorder community.

Through our many avenues of education, you can:

  • Understand evidence-based research on the complexity of eating disorders
  • Learn about the latest research, new approaches, and treatment
  • Hear stories of hope and recovery

Interested in learning more or collaborating with us? We would love to grow with you! Click below to learn more about each educational opportunity at BALANCE.

Join our Referral Network

At BALANCE, we see treatment as a collaborative process. We celebrate and appreciate our diverse referral network. To join our network, please complete our referral network form below:

Our Continuum of Care

Make a difference in clients’ lives one collaboration at a time.