Dimensions of Care at BALANCE


Building a foundation for recovery starts with exploring all facets of your eating disorder.


Build a supportive, compassionate connection with our experienced and trusted therapists. 

Get to the bottom of your eating disorder by processing and healing with clinicians who truly care.

In addition to eating disorder treatment, clients also benefit from treatment for coexisting conditions such as trauma, substance use, or anxiety-based conditions such as OCD. 

Through research-backed modalities, BALANCE therapists help to identify environmental, emotional, and behavioral components that perpetuate eating disorders and inhibit resilience. 

“I really felt like they were so helpful in providing me with the best care possible. I have made so many connections in our sessions, and have gained so much insight.”

former Balance client

What sets BALANCE apart?

We want to see you thrive. Our therapists prioritize educating you and your loved ones on the complexities of your eating disorder, treatment goals, and the key milestones in the recovery process.

BALANCE’s therapeutic approach helps you move toward lasting recovery. Our modalities include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), and more. 

Embrace healing and creativity through expressive therapies such as art therapy, movement, yoga, and dance therapy.

Our clinicians are dedicated to treating the whole person and understanding what uniquely makes you YOU. To better meet your individual needs, your sociocultural background, sexuality, gender identity, and expression are always kept in mind. Learn more about our affirmative care initiatives here. 

Start on the road to recovery with BALANCE

Dimensions of Care


The Foundation Of Recovery Starts With Your Confidential Intake.

Our intake process provides expert guidance for determining the best treatment path for you. We strive to take the confusion and overwhelm out of the process.