Summer Eating disorder Treatment

discover your best summer yet.

Join and discover your future of food and body peace.

Warmer temperatures and more hours of daylight are sure signs that summer is around the corner. 

Other signs that we’re approaching the hotter months? The stress and uncertainty that comes with getting  “summer ready.”

No one is immune to the summer pressure to have fun and look like it too. 

For years, influencers, the media, and the diet industry have sold us a toxic image of summer “fun” along with the “ideal” summer body. 

There is nothing like pretending to be okay when you are not.

“Everyone was very flexible and understanding, I thought that a lot of rules and expectations were going to be much more rigid, but I always felt really heard and understood when I felt that something was wrong.”

former Balance client

imagine if you…

  • Felt better in and about your body
  • Could navigate family, work, and school stress more easily
  • Connected with a like-minded community where you felt seen and head
  • Received expert care from providers who know precisely how to help you 
  • Felt fewer painful symptoms 
  • Began to experience life without food stress getting in the way 


Eating disorder recovery can mean all that and more. 

And it’s possible for you.

Recovery this Summer is Possible

Summer means significant schedule changes for most of us, and eating disorders thrive under the uncertainty of change.
What if you could gain long-term confidence and resilience for all seasons to come? 
Eating disorder recovery could mean exactly that. 
Our expert-led team will help recommend the program that is best for you; allowing you to access the care you need on the timeline you have
We also have flexible in-person treatment options at BALANCE that make treatment during the summer months easier than ever. 
Accessing treatment now could mean going back to school in the fall stronger and more resilient than ever.


Spend your summer at BALANCE and pursue recovery when you need it most.

Why Join Summer Treatment?

Although the summer carries expectations of carefree enjoyment, backyard barbecues, and sunny beach days, for anyone struggling with an eating disorder, the summer can feel as oppressive as the humidity it brings. 


Unfortunately, the summer months can mean an escalation of eating disorder symptoms. 

If you or someone you love is experiencing food and body distress, the rise of social events, like beach parties and barbecues, and changes in routines at work or school can be anxiety-provoking and triggering to disordered behaviors.


Eating disorders may also be exacerbated by the pressure to achieve a “summer body,” or the hotter temperatures that require less clothing.

Not to mention,  an increase in social gatherings, which often revolve around food, plus messages on social media promoting weight loss and getting “summer ready.”


It’s normal for food and body struggles to amplify this time of year. But this summer could be different. 

Did you know Summer can mean...?

  • The increased vulnerability of being away from on-campus resources, community, and accountability
  • Juice fasts, “cleanses,” detoxes, or peer pressure to eat “clean foods”
  • More outdoor activity and opportunity for over-exercising 
  • Increased pressure from advertisers to achieve unrealistic beauty or physical goals 
  • More free time & time spent comparing on social media
  • Heightened concerns about revealing clothes
Whether on break from school, navigating work this summer, or spending time with family, get cutting-edge treatment and specialized groups designed for you. 
Reimagine your summer with BALANCE’s flexible, individualized care. 
Finally, get the support you need from our Master’s-level clinicians at BALANCE.
This Summer with BALANCE, you will
  • Reconnect with yourself and your body in a way that feels good
  • Reduce eating disorder thoughts and behaviors
  • Gain tools to navigate all the pressures the summer months bring
  • Foster community with specialized groups
  • Get the support you deserve

Give yourself the gift of recovery this summer

You don’t have to fake or hide from a joyful summer any longer. You can find joy this summer through the freedom that recovery brings without an eating disorder robbing you of life experiences. 

Access treatment from our expert-led team to help you develop the skills you need to thrive in a way that works with your schedule. 

With great care and consideration, our fully-licensed staff creates a sustainable, unique plan for your treatment so that you can feel the difference. 

This summer with BALANCE, invest in life-changing care, and see what it could feel like to be at peace with food and body.

Investing in yourself and your future in transformative recovery.

Treatment Outcomes


customizable care allows you to thrive in recovery and daily life


the skills and tools to support you during your recovery journey and beyond


a more peaceful relationship with food and your body


yourself with a community of like-minded and supportive people

Life Changing Experiences

Our Summer Programming offers a dynamic schedule incorporating:

Our Continuum of Care


The Foundation Of Recovery Starts With Your Confidential Intake.

Our intake process provides expert guidance for determining the best treatment path for you. We strive to take the confusion and overwhelm out of the process.