Dimensions of Care at BALANCE

“BALANCE and everyone there did not only help me better myself mentally, physically, and emotionally, but I can also confidently say that this saved my life.”

former Balance client

We establish a precision approach to treating your disordered eating and eating disorder behaviors with insight and personalized guidance from clinical specialists.

Eating disorders are complex, and recovery is never the same for everyone. Our trusted approach to treatment is whole-person focused and adaptive – considering your individual needs.

Nutrition: Our nutrition program guides you toward developing a neutral and peaceful relationship with food and your body. We integrate both nourishment and enjoyment in everyday eating experiences. 

Therapy: Our therapeutic approaches consider the environmental, emotional, and behavioral factors that may have triggered and continue to sustain your eating disorder. We meet you right where you are in your recovery.

Medical: Medical stability and healing is our primary focus with our medical interventions. We work with a small team of highly skilled eating disorder MD specialists here in NYC.

Psychiatry: For clients who require medication support for psychiatric stability and to treat any co-occurring mental illness, our BALANCE Psychiatrist is available to assess your needs.

Our Continuum of Care


The Foundation Of Recovery Starts With Your Confidential Intake.

Our intake process provides expert guidance for determining the best treatment path for you. We strive to take the confusion and overwhelm out of the process.