BALANCE follows a very personalized approach to recovery. Each client is backed up by a strong team including a dietician, a case manager, and the supporting members of the staff and client group. While each client receives specific attention towards her specific needs, BALANCE manages to connect members of a group into one, equal unit. Every client in the group is cared for equally and given equal amount of attention during group therapy, no matter the level of severity of the eating disorder.
I am beyond grateful for the therapists and dietitians that came in every day and loved their job so much that it shone through and inspired me to challenge myself in ways that I did not know I was capable of. I’m stronger every day because of the incredible love and support from the team and group members I have had the pleasure of growing with at BALANCE.
My experience at BALANCE was extremely powerful. I created strong connections with the staff and clients alike. Within one year I went from having almost no faith in recovery, to enjoying and striving in my life as a college freshman. BALANCE truly helped me uncover my self-worth. I am now a much stronger person because of the work I did at BALANCE.
My time at BALANCE was transformative; having had the support to deal with symptoms and behaviors of my eating disorder, I had room to explore the roots of my disorder and how they had shaped me into the person I was before entering the program. In the safe space they’ve created and nurtured, I worked on cultivating awareness of my thoughts, actions and the long-held beliefs about who I am that had led me to become ill and subsequently seek recovery.
BALANCE does a tremendous job at keeping in close communication not only with clients but with our extended support - including individual therapists, psychiatrists, doctors, and family members. I have never lacked trust that the BALANCE team is looking out for our best interests in this regard.
The groups are run in such a responsive, understanding way despite a mix of personalities and symptoms - but the small group sizes and skilled clinicians have enabled us to connect such that many of the women I have met feel like sisters.