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BALANCE eating disorder treatment center is dedicated to treating the spectrum of eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, compulsive overeating and other disordered eating behaviors and body image issues.


At BALANCE we believe in treating the whole person.  Through our array of services, we offer treatment for women, men, LGBTQAI and adolescents and provide all levels of outpatient care.  We serve clients with a variety of treatment needs: those who require intensive day treatment as a natural step-down following a course of residential care, and those who may benefit from augmenting their existing individual treatment plan with complementary programs and services. We offer a comprehensive continuum of care to any individual seeking outpatient treatment for an eating disorder.


What distinguishes BALANCE from other programs is our ability to offer customized treatment to each individual client, as we understand that every client is unique and responds to treatment differently. We maintain a limited group size for each of our programs to allow for significantly more individualized attention and thus more effective treatment.  We recognize that recovery requires more than simply treating specific eating behaviors. Therefore, our programs utilize an integrative therapeutic approach that incorporates evidence-based treatments and is collaborative in nature. 


The foundation of our approach is based on our nutritional philosophy of intuitive eating using the All Foods Fit Model. At BALANCE we employ a diversity of treatment modalities to help clients develop a neutral and peaceful relationship with food, body acceptance and positive self-esteem. We support a Health at Every Size (HAES) treatment model.

Our programs incorporate: relational psychotherapy; behavioral therapies (CBT, DBT); expressive therapies (art, drama & movement), yoga and mindfulness; experiential therapy; meal support; family therapy groups; and individual treatment. 


Our goal is to help our clients not only reduce symptoms but also move toward a more harmonious relationship with food and their bodies. 



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