At BALANCE eating disorder treatment center, we integrate Experiential Therapy into our programs alongside traditional psychotherapeutic techniques to enhance the recovery process.

Experiential Therapies such as Art Therapy, Drama Therapy and Yoga Therapy provide an opportunity for clients to immerse themselves in a creative process or express themselves through movement.

Experiential Therapy is an effective component in treating adults and teens struggling with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, disordered eating and other body image concerns.

Each of these groups are led by one of our trained experiential therapists who will guide clients through activities that often lead to meaningful discussions about thoughts, emotions, memories, reflections and realizations that may arise.

Learn more about our Experiential Therapy groups below or contact us today for more information.



Art therapy is another way for clients to express and visualize their feelings, while offering a tangible reference to the intangible experience of emotions clients experience in treatment.


Drama therapy works to interrupt self-critical thinking, works to rebuild and strengthen trust in own body, help individuals become attune to their emotions, and be present in the moment.


The main goals of yoga therapy groups at BALANCE are to integrate yoga practices as a part of a client’s evidence-based treatment plan.