Announcing #WakeUpWeightWatchers Take 2!


As many of you have seen, last week Weight Watchers announced their plans for growth to reach 10 Million members and grow $2 Billion dollars in revenue. Along with this plan? Offering free memberships to teenagers (ages 13-17) this upcoming summer.

Last Friday, we announced our plans to initiate a #WakeUpWeightWatchers Twitter Takeover to take place on Saturday.

Within the first hour, the hashtag was a Trending Topic on Twitter in the US and later that day, Weight Watchers was compelled to respond to our concerns with a statement.

It has been incredibly powerful to see our community of professionals and advocates for eating disorder, body positivity, Health at Every Size & the anti-diet movement come together to make a change and educate Weight Watchers on the repercussions this plan can have. 

We are excited to announce Take 2 of the Twitter Takeover which will be happening this Thursday, Feb. 15th beginning at 8 pm EST. 

Details & Tips: 

  • Utilize the hashtag #WakeUpWeightWatchers
  • Make sure to tag @WeightWatchers
  • Tag @Oprah, @DJKhaled & CEO @MindyGrossman in Tweets as well - as their spokespeople and stakeholders, they need to hear our thoughts too!
  • Plan multiple tweets regarding the topic to go out within the hour to maximize our chances of Trending and spreading awareness
  • If you cannot Tweet live, you can schedule Tweets via free management tools like Buffer or Hootsuite
  • Feel free to create graphics/quote cards to share during the chat
  • Engage with other content being posted with the hashtag 
  • Encourage your followers to share their thoughts 

 Some ideas of things you can Tweet about:

  1. What you wish Weight Watchers would consider in promoting this plan
  2. What makes it so dangerous for teens
  3. Things parents/teens should know before considering this program
  4. Why Weight Watchers is actually offering a free plan since it is only to make more $$$
  5. What this could mean for teens susceptible to developing an eating disorder 
  6. How this plan could effect the self-esteem and confidence of young girls/boys 
  7. The many other things teens should be spending their summer break doing!
  8. Anything YOU think they need to hear

If you are in for Take 2, and we hope you are, feel free to share the following Tweet (or a similar message) and/or the graphic attached to promote the takeover! 

Join myself, @BALANCEedtc & many other #eatingdisorder, #HAES & #bodypositive professionals and advocates this Thursday evening starting at 8pm est. for Take 2 of the #WakeUpWeightWatchers Twitter Takeover to continue letting @WeightWatchers know what we think of their free #Teen program! 

Keep the conversation going now until then, and lets plan to speak up with force Thursday! Spread the word & we hope to 'see' you on Twitter!


Melainie RogersComment