Insurance & Financing

Financing your treatment isn’t a challenge you have to face alone.

On top of pursuing treatment for an eating disorder, understanding how insurance works while financing your treatment can be confusing and overwhelming. 

BALANCE is here to help. 

We understand that the financial aspect of treatment can be daunting. Let us take the stress and confusion out of pursuing treatment.

Our Insurance and Financing Handbook has the answers you need to understand how insurance plays a part in financing eating disorder treatment.

Choosing treatment for an eating disorder is not an easy decision to make. Access the care you need with expert guidance. 

At BALANCE, we do the hard work of coordinating with your insurance providers during our intake process to help you start down the path to treatment.

Here, your support plan is customized to your needs so you can move forward with recovery in full focus.

Demystify the insurance and financing process today.

In our Free Insurance & Financing Handout

We cover:

  • Important insurance terms and their definitions 
  • How insurance typically works to cover or reimburse eating disorder treatment 
  • Available financing options for your treatment 
  • How BALANCE can connect you with a third-party service with years of experience working with insurance companies and helping clients achieve the highest reimbursement rate
  • Steps to take to find out your insurance’s reimbursement rate for treatment
  • 14 common questions answered about insurance and financing for eating disorder treatment

The Foundation Of Recovery Starts With Your Confidential Intake.

Our intake process provides expert guidance for determining the best treatment path for you.
We strive to take the confusion and overwhelm out of the process.

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