Eating Disorders & Relationships Workbook

Open the door to communication.

Relationships can feel like navigating a minefield if you or someone you love has an eating disorder.

And yet, society has an image of eating disorders that BED doesn’t necessarily fit. 

Maybe you don’t know how to start a conversation about your eating disorder, or you’re unclear on how to voice your concerns to a struggling loved one. 

Awkward silences and avoidance don’t work. We created the Eating Disorder Relationship Workbook to support you in navigating all of your relationships, including your relationship with yourself in recovery.

Clear, compassionate communication is possible, even with an eating disorder in the picture.

Download BALANCE’s Eating Disorder Relationship Workbook to pave the way for effective communication and recovery.

Foster your relationships and your recovery.

Our eating disorder relationship workbook

Empowers you with…

  • Tools to examine the effects of an eating disorder on your relationships 
  • Guidance to establish positive, healthy coping mechanisms 
  • Phrases to use to help educate your friends and family on your struggles 
  • 6 recovery truths to help you stay recovery-focused
  • A communication checklist to foster empathetic communication without confusion
  • 12 things not to say to someone in recovery and what to say instead
  • Tips on the importance of boundaries and how to set them

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