Nutrition Month Staff Spotlight: Therese Bridges, MS, RDN, CDN


What is your name, credentials & background?

Therese Bridges, MS, RDN, CDN

I'm Therese and I pronounce it like TUR rez. I hail from the state of Alabama and I received my Bachelors and Masters education at the University of Alabama. I started my career in dietetics in the residential treatment setting while still in Birmingham. When I decided to make the big move to New York, I knew I wanted to continue working in the eating disorder treatment arena. I am so grateful that I could join the BALANCE team in the day treatment, intensive outpatient, and outpatient levels.


What is your role at BALANCE?

I am a dietitian here with the most amazing and supportive team!

What does a typical day for you look like at BALANCE?

One of my favorite parts of BALANCE is that there is no typical. No typical day, no typical individual, and never a dull day!

What is your favorite part about working at BALANCE and helping those recover from eating disorders? 

It is difficult for me to put into words what it is like to witness the seemingly “small” transitions and changes that clients make that lead to big differences in their journey. The small successes in this world are often overlooked but in treatment we ensure to make it known that they deserve to be celebrated. I enjoy being able to be a part of those celebrations.

What is one of your favorite foods or recipes?

My favorite food is popcorn, specifically cheddar flavored popcorn. However, soup dumplings are currently rounding the corner and challenging popcorn for first place in my heart.

Tell us about something you love to do?  

I love to listen to music, go to concerts, and find new songs and artists. I find that music can lift my mood almost immediately.

What is a fun fact not many know about you? 

I am a huge Harry Potter fan but have only read half of the Sorcerers Stone... 

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