'Maintaining A Healthy Body Image In The Fashion Industry' Event at the Fashion Institute of Technology


In today’s culture, we are inundated with images. Websites, magazines, television, and advertising have come to serve as a manual for how we should look, dress and live.

However, we are not the same. We range dramatically in size, shape, and appearance.

Our RD Therese Bridges will be at the Fashion Institute of Technology for an event on 'Maintaining A Healthy Body Image in the Fashion Industry' with the FIT Merchandising Society & FIT Health Services. There will be viewing of All Of Me, a powerful documentary showcasing eating disorders as told from real-life perspectives of clinicians, clients and family members.

Afterwards, there will be a discussion how they maintain a healthy body image in all aspects of their life, including academically, professionally, and socially.

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Melainie Rogers