Feature Friday: NEDA Ambassador Mike Marjama


Happy Friday from BALANCE! Today we are excited to feature former MLB catcher, Mike Marjama, who is doing incredible work to raise awareness around men and eating disorders.

Early this year, Mike partnered with Lebron James’ Uninterrupted to tell his own story of his eating disorder struggle. In the powerful video, which premiered exclusively on ABC’s Good Morning America on the Eve of MLB’s Opening Day, Mike shares his journey to recovery. Struggles with eating disorders first surfaced for Mike in 7th grade, culminating in hospitalization and inpatient treatment during his Junior year of high school. Mike Marjama’s recovery led him on an amazing journey playing baseball around the country, eventually making his Major League debut at the age of 28 in September of 2017.

This July, Mike announced he was retiring from baseball to take a position with the National Eating Disorders Association as an Ambassador.

We at BALANCE thank Mike for using his platform and story to bring awareness to an issue that is not often addressed. By speaking out about his own struggle, he helps breaks the stigma around eating disorders and the harmful idea that they only affect women.

Mike shared in a Q&A with NEDA that “Men of all shapes and sizes and from all corners of the world suffer from and improperly cope with eating disorders. We can and must do better.”

We as a community can and are excited to see Mike continue to encourage other men and boys feel less ashamed if they are struggling.

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If you are a male seeking help and support for an eating disorder in the New York City area, please contact our Admissions team below to discuss treatment options at BALANCE.