college is already challenging enough without an eating disorder…


Think you may be struggling with an eating disorder?

If starting or returning to campus has caused, increased or has worsened your struggles with food and your body image, know you are not alone. The National Eating Disorders Association estimates that between 10 and 20% of women and 4 to 10% of men in college suffer from an eating disorder, and rates are on the rise.

Being in college can be particularly stressful for all students. College life often involves the first taste of freedom from parents, an increased amount of schoolwork, and adapting to a brand new social environment.

For any students who have previously struggled with eating disorder behaviors, this time can put them at risk for relapse. For others who are predisposed to developing an eating disorder or are already struggling with anxiety and/or depression, being exposed to this new and exciting, yet often times stressful stage in life, can put them at risk to begin in engaging disordered behaviors. This may include binging, restricting, purging, over-exercising and/or abusing laxatives and diet pills. 

We recognize that being a college student in NYC comes with its own unique challenges and stressors. Especially when specialized counseling and nutrition services on campus may be limited. That is why our team offers a large range of programs and services specifically to aid college students on the road to recovery. Our hope is to help our clients repair their relationship to food and their bodies so they are able to succeed on campus in freedom from their eating disorder.

If you think you may be struggling with an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder or disordered eating and body image issues, we are ready to meet you wherever you are in the recovery process.

Whether or not someone has struggled with food or body image before college, this can be a time where students become vulnerable to developing an eating disorder or disordered eating patterns.
— Melainie Rogers, Founder and CEO

BALANCE eating disorder treatment center is conveniently located in the heart of New York City

We’ve helped students from many NYC campuses including:

  • Barnard College

  • Baruch

  • Berkeley

  • City College of New York

  • City University of New York

  • Columbia University

  • Fashion Institute of Technology

  • Fordham University

  • Hofstra University

  • Hunter College

  • John Jay College

  • Julliard College

  • Manhattan School of Music

  • Marymount Manhattan College

  • New York University

  • Pace University

  • Parsons School of Design

  • Pratt Institute

  • Queens College

our programs & services

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