Our Eating Disorder Meal Support Group at BALANCE was developed to provide three levels of support:

1. Additional Support: As an add on to Individual Nutrition Sessions or our weekly Outpatient Therapy Group
2. Program Step Down: Clients who have finished our weeknight program can step down to our Meal Support Group for further support
3. Introduction to our Services: For clients who are interested in a slower start to treatment. This can be used as a stepping stone into program. 

Our Admissions team would be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding our Eating Disorder Meal Support. Click below to contact us today or learn more about our treatment philosophy here. 

Our Meal Support Program includes the following components:

  • 90-minute Group

  • Provides "real life" meal experience at local NYC restaurants and exposure to a variety of cuisines

  • Strives to help clients foster a more neutral relationship with food - an essential part of recovery

  • Led by a Registered Dietitian