Body Image group for Performers & Creative Professionals


This 75 minute group provides a unique and safe space for New York City actors, dancers, models, performers or other creative professionals to explore how their artistic work and career identity is affected by body image distress and disordered eating behaviors. The main objective for this group is to foster a sense of community for those in need of insight, and education on better understanding how career stress & rejection, poor body image, lack of sense of self, and low self-esteem can impact their creative identity and confidence. This group is facilitated by a therapist with extensive experience working as a creative arts professional and performer.

Too often a focus and value is placed upon the bodies of performers and other creative professionals. This burden can cause distress and destructive thoughts and behaviors can negatively affect the development and growth in one's sense of self and creative identity. Group members will gain support around practicing emotional regulation throughout the week and practicing self-compassion when going through a therapeutic process.

The group will provide tools to better understand body neutrality, the health at every size philosophy and will encourage performers & creative professionals to not allow body image and appearance to control behaviors, interactions, and their way of being in their chosen creative profession.

This group is not limited to individuals in recovery from an eating disorder and is open to performers & creative professionals who want to explore the underlying issues that impede them from maintaining a safe and authentic relationship with food, their body and their career in the arts.

Our Admissions team would be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding our Body Image for Performers and Creative Professionals Group. Click below to contact us today or learn more about our treatment philosophy here. 


  • Is run on a weekly basis on Mondays from 6:00 PM-7:15 PM

  • Offers individualized care in a small, intimate group setting at our NYC center

  • Is facilitated by a therapist with extensive experience working as a creative arts professional and performer.