Join Our #WakeUpWeightWatchers Twitter Takeover

Redefining Wellness WakeUpWeightWatchers Twitter Takeover Kurbo Kids App

We are brining our Redefining Wellness e-Book project back where we started with a #WakeUpWeightWatchers Twitter Takeover…

Where it started:

Last year our team at BALANCE eating disorder treatment center™ responded swiftly to Weight Watchers’ announcement to offer free memberships to teens with our #WakeUpWeightWatchers campaign. 

Last year, our Twitter Takeover engaged professionals and advocates for eating disorders, body positivity, Health at Every Size & the anti-diet movement to bring awareness on why encouraging dieting behavior in teens has significant negative impact. 

 Our movement sparked a worldwide conversation with #WakeUpWeigthWatchers trending Worldwide on Twitter and garnered media coverageTeen Vogue, NY Post, Cosmopolitan Magazine, BuzzFeed, The New York Times, and many more.   

Ultimately, Weight Watchers postponed the launch of the free program.

Why we are speaking up again:

We are hoping to spark a new conversation after WW’s latest announcement of launching “Kurbo,” a free food and weight monitoring application targeted towards teens between the ages of 13-17.

The purpose of the Twitter Takeover this time:

In an effort to continue educating teens, families and the general population about the dangers of diet culture, we brought together nearly 150 experts and advocates to create ‘Redefining Wellness,’ a free downloadable resource for teens that provides information on living happier, healthier lives without an emphasis on weight loss.

Our goal of this year’s Twitter Takeover happening on August 13th, 2019 at 9pm est. is to bring attention to both the concerns we have related to this app and spread the word about our free resource as an alternative learning opportunity for parents and their teens!

Details & Tips: 

  • The main-time for our takeover: starting this Wednesday, August 14th at 9pm eastern time & continuing thereafter 

  • Utilize the hashtag #WakeUpWeightWatchers

  • Make sure to tag @WW 

  • Plan multiple tweets regarding the topic to go out within the hour

  • If you cannot Tweet live, you can schedule Tweets via free management tools like Buffer or Hootsuite

  • Create graphics/quote cards to share during the chat

  • Engage with other content being posted

  • Encourage your followers to share their thoughts

Ideas on what to share:

  1. What you wish WW would consider in promoting this app 

  2. What makes dieting behavior so dangerous for teens

  3. Things parents/teens should know before considering this application 

  4. Why WW is actually offering this app since it is only to make more $$$

  5. What this could mean for teens susceptible to developing an eating disorder 

  6. How this plan could effect the self-esteem and confidence of young girls/boys 

  7. Alternative free resources - the Redefining Wellness e-book and your own programs/services 

If you are in, and we hope you are, feel free to share the following Tweet or a similar message!

Join myself, @BALANCEedtc & many other #eatingdisorder, #HAES & #bodypositive professionals and advocates Wednesday August 14th starting at 9pm est. for a Twitter Takeover to let @WW know what we think of their free #Teen app! #WakeUpWeightWatchers

Please Invite Anyone Else You’d Think Would Be Interested In Participating! We Hope To ‘See' You On Twitter!

Emily Costa