Feature Friday: Wendy & Jess of Food Heaven Made Easy


Happy Friday from BALANCE! Today, we are excited to feature the power duo behind Food Heaven Made Easy. Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones are both Registered Dietitians with Master’s degrees in nutrition. They are also certified diabetes educators. They are BFFs who love to eat, cook and nerd out about anything nutrition related. They are creators of Food Heaven Made Easy, their collection of videos, podcasts, recipes, and even apparel, all based on the theme of healthy living.

Jessica works at an outpatient clinic in San Francisco where her job consists of providing nutritional counseling to patients on general wellness and healthy eating, disordered eating, GI issues, hypertension, high cholesterol, and more.

Wendy is currently the clinical outpatient dietitian at Open Door Family Medical Center in Port Chester, NY, where she provides services for the the Pediatric, Women’s Health, & General Medicine clinics.

Food Heaven Made Easy started in 2011 as a creative outlet for two friends to spread the word about delicious and nutritious living. Although they grew up in different areas—Lopez is from Bronx, New York, and Jones is from Oakland, California—they both recognized the commonality of chronic illness amongst their loved ones. Throughout the years, the brand has grown, but their philosophy has remained the same: nutritious food should be delicious, cost-effective and relatively painless.

Inclusivity has been at the forefront of their approach to food since their early days teaching underserved communities of color in the Bronx about nutrition. Unfortunately, the world of wellness leaders is scarce when it comes to women of color.

They also have a monthly cooking/nutrition series “Food Heaven Made Easy with Wendy & Jess”, that’s available online and on Brooklyn Community Access Television. The show was created by the two nutrition educators as a “creative outlet to help underserved communities in New York City improve their diets and overall health.”

Their popular podcast features important conversations on nutrition, wellness and more! Our very own Melainie Rogers was recently featured on their podcast, discussing 'The Truth About Binge Eating Disorder'. You can learn more about the episode here or listen below.

We at BALANCE thank Wendy and Jess for having Melainie on the podcast and for shining a light on Binge Eating Disorder!

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