Celebrating Our Ten Year Anniversary!


BALANCE is proud to be celebrating ten years of providing eating disorder treatment services in NYC!

Our founder and director, Melainie Rogers, decided to open BALANCE ten years ago driven by her special passion for helping those struggling with eating disorders. As someone who has recovered from an eating disorder herself, she understands firsthand what the pathway to recovery entails.

That personal experience has made BALANCE exactly what it is today; a truly unique eating disorder treatment center that gently guides clients on the path of recovery. With every program, group and service we provide, our main goal is always to help those struggling find freedom from their eating disorder.

Over the years, our programming has expanded and evolved to embrace a widening demographic and the needs of those affected with eating disorders. Today, we are proud to offer four distinct levels of care to meet clients wherever they may be on the road to recovery and now provide mixed gender services in all of our programs.

BALANCE has faced many of the challenges often met by small businesses in large metropolitan areas. As a female entrepreneur, Melainie joins an elite group of women business owners who have succeeded in thriving past the ten-year mark! Around 20% of small businesses fail in their first year and 50% within five years. With the eating disorder community being such a greatly underserved population, we feel especially grateful to be celebrating ten years of helping others on their journeys to finding peace with their food and bodies.

As we celebrate this milestone, we would like to thank our community, colleagues and clients for helping us fulfill our mission of preventing and helping those with eating disorders.

And, a special thank you to those who joined us at our Annual Holiday Networking party to celebrate our 10th Anniversary!

Melainie Rogers