BALANCE founder Melainie Rogers on The Full Bloom Project talking on Orthorexia

Our founder Melainie Rogers was on The Full Bloom Project podcast to discuss how parents can identify orthorexic tendencies in children.

about the full bloom project 

The Full Bloom Project is an online, research-informed body-positive parenting resource—designed by parents, for parents. Our mission is to teach parents how to transform their home environment into a place where children can naturally boost immunity to our appearance obsessed culture, so they can channel their precious resources towards more meaningful purposes; in other words, "fully bloom".  We are committed to finding innovative and practical ways to make research and activism in child and adolescent mental health, pediatric nutrition, Health at Every Size, and eating disorder prevention accessible to parents everywhere.

You can listen to The Full Bloom Project by Zoë Bisbing and Leslie Bloch on iTunes, Radio Public, Spotify, TuneIn and Google Podcasts, or listen to the episode below.

Melainie Rogers