August 20th Weekly Roundup: Must-Read Eating Disorder, Mental Health & Body Positive Articles

Happy Monday from the team at BALANCE! We are excited to continue this series and share this weeks Weekly Roundup.

Below are just some of our favorite articles, blog posts and news stories on topics including eating disorders, mental health and body positivity from the past week.

We hope you enjoy reading the posts below as much as we did. 

Body Neutrality Is A Body Image Movement That Doesn’t Focus On Your Appearance

Recap: This great article discusses the difference between body neutrality and body positivity and why it can be beneficial for ones mental health to find a neutral relationship with their body. 

By: Leigh Weingus

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Social Justice, Fatphobia, and Eating Disorders

Recap: Meghan Cichy, RDN, CEDRD, CSP, CD shares important info in this More Love post on how fatphobia and weight stigma impacts eating disorders in our society. 

By: Meghan Cichy, RDN, CEDRD, CSP, CD

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The Benefits of Body Fat 

Recap: Rachael Hartley shares just some of the reasons fat has many benefits despite what our diet culture may have to say!

By: Rachael Hartley, RD, LD, CDE, CLT

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Learning To Love Myself The Way I Love My Daughter

Recap:  Lindsay King-Miller shares an important lesson of showing herself the same self-compassion and self-love she shows her child. 

By: Lindsay King-Miller via Ravishly

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Weight stigma is worse for your health than being at a higher weight

Recap:  Emily Fonnesbeck, RD tackles why weight stigma is worse for your health than being at a higher weight and why we must work towards providing non stigmatizing health care to all. 

By: Emily Fonnesbeck, RD

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7 Tips For Conquering Fear Foods

Recap: Melissa Preston shares 7 tips for conquering fear foods in eating disorder recovery. 

By: Melissa Preston  of Omni Counseling & Nutrition

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10 Ways to Improve Body Image During Pregnancy

Recap: Summer Innanen shares 10 ways to improve body image during pregnancy.

By: Summer Innanean 

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Your child is nervous about the new school year, which may be normal — or not

Recap:  Health Columinist at Washington Post Jill U Adams writes an important article discussing the difference between normal back to school anxiety, and when there is potentially more going on. 

By: Jill U Adams 

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