Feature Friday: April K. Quioh & Sophia Carter-Kahn of the "She’s All Fat" Podcast


This week we are excited to feature the co-hosts of the “She’s All Fat” podcast! "She’s All Fat" is an awesome podcast all about body positivity, self-love and speaking about the intersections between fatness and feminism.


"She’s All Fat" is hosted by two inspiring, dynamic women April K. Quioh and Sophia Carter-Kahn.  April is a comedy writer in Los Angeles, CA. She writes about fun stuff like popular culture, love, and blackness. She has worked on television shows on Comedy Central, YouTubeRed, and Netflix. Sophia is a freelance writer, previously on staff at HelloGiggles and BuzzFeed. She writes about pop culture, gender, media, history, and plus size fashion. 

Sophia and April set out to create “She’s All Fat” because they found there was no podcast like it already existing! April and Sophia noticed an increase in fat visibility, but a lack of spaces for fat women and femmes to tell their own stories in a conversational setting — a place to literally hear their own voices and the stories of others like them. Together, they talk about current events, popular culture, personal experiences, and feature guest interviews. Today, “She's All Fat” has been featured by Buzzfeed, Vice, Brit+Co and more!

Earlier this week our friend Christy Harrison released a new Food Pysch Episode entitled How to Unlearn Diet Culture's Rules with April as the special guest! April talks about letting go of dieting and embracing her body size, why we need to challenge fatphobia and fight for it to be considered a valid form of discrimination, why it’s important to unlearn the diet-culture rules we’ve internalized around food and our bodies, the historical roots of diet culture, and so much more!

If you have not already listened to the “She’s All Fat” podcast, we hope you will download it today. Sophia and April are doing great work sharing and we cannot wait to see their podcast grow! 

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Melainie Rogers