Feature Friday: Grace Ritter of Weigh Free May


Today's Feature Friday is Grace Ritter, a 24-year-old student in Perth, Western Australia who kicked-off this month by launching her Weigh Free May campaign!


Weigh Free May is one part challenge, one part movement. Grace is encouraging others to ditch diet culture and step off the scale for one whole month in an effort to embrace themselves exactly as they are. Weigh Free May was started by Grace with the hope that other people can think more critically about the things they say and the way they feel about their bodies. 

She was inspired by her own eating disorder recovery to start this movement. Through her own journey, she has found power in letting go of the diet mentality and embracing body positivity. But like many, she has found it hard to hear so many around her talk about wanting to lose weight and hating their bodies. Her goal is to help others find the same empowerment as she has accepting and loving her body as is! She hopes that others can realize all the wonderful things they could do if they pursued other dreams with the same passion and intensity as losing weight. 

Grace believes that everyone deserves to love themselves regardless of their size & hopes that Weigh Free May can help spread this message. We could not agree more and wanted to honor Grace and her creative movement today! 

Want to get involved? Sign the Weigh Free May Pledge here and commit to challenging diet culture and loving yourself this month. 

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Melainie Rogers