International No Diet Day #DietFreeSummer Twitter Chat

#DietFreeSummer Facebook post.png

International No Diet Day is this Sunday, May 6th!

To celebrate, BALANCE has planned a Twitter Chat to have our community come together for a conversation about the importance of this day and embracing a non-diet approach to eating every day.

With Summer quickly approaching, this conversation is needed more than ever! Diet culture is in full swing promoting "beach bodies" and unrealistic beauty ideals. We would like to join you in combating these toxic messages by spreading some advice, words of wisdom & encouragement for others to pledge to a #DietFreeSummer rather than chasing that 'summer body.' Want to join us? Great!

The Twitter Chat will start Sunday night at 8 pm est. over on Twitter.

Will you be joining us? Please contact Emily at to let us know you are participating or if you have any questions. 

We hope you can join us! 

Melainie Rogers