CBT with Emojis:10 Most Common Unhelpful Thinking Styles

In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), clients work to bring awareness to their unhelpful thinking styles, or cognitive distortions, that keep them stuck in their eating disorder. CBT demonstrates that when we work to recognize, name, and change our cognitive distortions, we become less attached to those damaging, hurtful, self-defeating thoughts. Since these thoughts are so automatic to our brains, it  is always helpful to have reminders of the 10 most common cognitive distortions at arms length.

Our Day Treatment clients used present-day emojis to depict the most common unhelpful thinking styles. It is our hope at BALANCE that you can use these images too, and start to recognize your own the thoughts that keep you stuck or feeling down. Let's work to out our unhelpful thoughts and banish the voice in your head that says "you're not enough!

Go through all 10 below & feel free to save or print our handy sheet with all 10! 

by: BALANCE Primary Therapist Cassandra Lenza, LMSW, RYT

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