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Our Saturday programs offer unique weekend support for both adults (morning session) and adolescents (afternoon session).  Both groups can function as stand-alone programs or can be added to any of our weekday programs for added support.  A highly customized and structured 6-week program, BALANCE is the only treatment center in NYC that offers a small group setting, allowing us to provide the best possible care available.  

Our 6-week Saturday Program at BALANCE was developed to provide three levels of support: 

1. Saturday Program Extension: As an add-on to our current weeknight or weekday program.
2. Saturday Program Step Down: Clients who have finished our Weeknight Program can step down to our Saturday Program for further support.  
3. Saturday Program Step Up: For clients who need group support to strengthen their outpatient individual sessions.

Our Saturday Program includes the following components:

  • A program schedule that meets on Saturdays from 8:30 am - 1:30 pm 
  • An initial consultation and evaluation 
  • Individual treatment planning
  • Small group setting of only 8 clients, providing a low client-to-clinician ratio
  • Behavioral, cognitive and psychodynamic group therapy with a focus on challenges to recovery, skills building for mood and impulse management, and body image work
  • Experiential group therapies (art therapy)
  • Nutrition Groups that focus on neutralizing and legalizing food, debunking food myths, the media's influence on body image, eating habits and self-confidence, and what "healthy" eating really means. 
  • Mealtime support and processing
  • Weekly nutrition therapy session available (separate fee) 
  • Exposure therapy (restaurant meals, challenge foods)
  • Multi-family group therapy and education
  • Co-treatment model providing ongoing communication and collaboration during treatment with referring team members
  • Alumni support and services upon discharge